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Online Marketing Industry
West Coast Media Solutions Inc was founded in March 2005 by an internet veteran Philipp Kundert. He has been dealing in the online digital marketing industry for over 15 years.
Internet Marketing His team and himself have been rapidly growing this company into a major internet player serving over 10 billion targeted impressions each month. Their mission is to work tirelessly to make their clients happy. They have a unique approach to the business and welcome innovative thinking.
At West Coast Media Solutions Inc. we try to create an excellent working environment for our employees. We understand that the success of our company depends on the people that work for us. We cultivate a friendly, comfortable, and supportive work environment where our employees are empowered to reach their fullest potential, and where everyone knows that their contributions are vital components of the company's overall success.
  • Does the imperfect aggravate you?
  • Are you an eager learner, a compulsive researcher?
  • A team player?
  • A passionate soul?
  • Are you self-directed, resourceful and hard working?
  • Are you fascinated by the dynamic and rapidly evolving online media industry?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, and if you are interested in joining a dynamic and growing company, then please send your complete resume with cover letter via email or fax.

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